We are all children of the night.
It is our escape, it is our religion.
The only religion that accepts everyone equally.
no matter who we are, or who we want to be.
The night liberates everyone us.

We were approached by Leo Burnett Beirut to participate in a collaborative project for Machrou’ Leila’s upcoming album and tour: “Ibn El Leil”. We jumped on the opportunity to produce a bunch of very short animations to be used by Gab Ferneiné as VJ during Machrou’ Leila’s live performances, the first of which was at London’s Barbican center. It was a great experience, emphasized by the fact that we had complete creative freedom on the visuals we were producing.

Enjoy an edit of those videos along with Machrou’ Leila’s song from the “Ibn El Leil” album: “Bint El Khandaq”

PS: Rated R for Nudity, Sexually Suggestive Content and Alcohol/Drug use

Bint El Khandaq (playing)