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The Wikli Dose / Week 14: “Abstract Design”

Nov 16 2016
“Abstraction allows a man to see with his mind what he cannot see with his eyes” – Arshile Gorky

This week, we have selected for you 5 abstract motion design pieces. Through these artworks, we understand how abstract shapes can trigger emotions and sometimes even tell a story.

Put on your headphones, go into your own little private space and take a journey with us into the odd world of morphing shapes!

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The Wikli Dose / Week 12: “Happy Halloween”

Nov 02 2016
Happy Haloween everyone!
To celebrate this spooky little holiday and for our love of otherworldy creatures, we’ve decided to keep the spirit a little longer and dedicate this small edition to creatures.

So here is a selection of 4 videos, guaranteed to get you right back in the mood… for monsters.

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The Wikli Dose / Week 11: “Explainer Videos”

Oct 19 2016
In today’s start-up ecosystem, each entrepreneur is attempting to showcase his products in the clearest possible ways. Among the different solutions, one appears to play a somewhat primary role: explainer videos.

A startup without an explainer video is like an iPhone without a keynote.

We’ve selected for you 5 explainer videos that deliver the message uniquely, effectively and with style.

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The Wikli Dose / Week 10: “80’s Style”

Oct 12 2016
For those of you who survived the 80’s! Fast cars and neon lights! Comodore 64 and Atari! A new era was born… The 5 selected videos will awaken your nostalgic senses. Whether through the music, the graphics, the clothes or the colors, the Retro is strong in those ones!

Check them out and enjoy!
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The wikli dose / Week 09: “The Future Is Now”

Oct 05 2016
Dystopia for some, Utopia for others… Noone truly knows what the future has in store for us! Well, except for the I-phone 20S of course!

Here’s a selection of 5 videos (+ 1 extra to end on a positive note) that tackle the rise of technology beautifully and at times very darkly! Click on the link, enjoy and let us know where you think the world will be in 100 years!
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The wikli dose / Week 08: “Spread the Love!”

Sep 28 2016
AHH LOVE!! It unexpectedly hits you right in the stomach, lifts you up high in the sky and throws you right back without a safety net! Good luck for the landing 🙂

It’s something most of us have experienced and definitely something all of us have yearned for!

Even though the love sequence from “UP” has a very VERY dear place in our hearts as animators and storytellers, we’ve managed to select 5 less popular shorts and animated videos that describe LOVE in their own unique way! Enjoy and don’t forget to spread the LOVE as far as you can!
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The wikli dose / Week 07: “Are You Hungry ?”

Sep 21 2016
If this won’t make your tummy gurgle and your mouth water, I don’t know what will.
Click on the link to watch a selection of 5 very cool animated commercials of food products (Oreo, Cadbury, Walls and more…)
Some fun! Others elegant & smooth! In the end, it’s all about what rocks your boat!
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The wikli dose / Week 05: “The art of stop motion!”

Aug 31 2016
Welcome to the wikli dose. This week we tap into the wonderful world of stop motion, an animation technique that consists of moving puppets and rigs in small increments between individually photographed frames. Click and move!

Below a selection of awesome animations that use these techniques to tell their stories!


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