The Wikli Dose / Week 14: “Abstract Design”

By November 16, 2016The Wikli Dose

“Abstraction allows a man to see with his mind what he cannot see with his eyes” – Arshile Gorky

This week, we have selected for you 5 abstract motion design pieces. Through these artworks, we understand how abstract shapes can trigger emotions and sometimes even tell a story.

Put on your headphones, go into your own little private space and take a journey with us into the odd world of morphing shapes!


The Academy – Mantra Animation

The power of imagination.


Old but gold! Watch until the end to understand why it’s part of this category.

The Exquisite Ant

Motion at its best!

FITC Tokyo 2015 titles

Pixels and colors.


Power. Control. Luck.


We hope you enjoyed that momentary break away from the traditional representation of objects to discover the portrayal of emotions and subjectivity through the study of forms and colors!

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