The Wikli Dose / Week 11: “Explainer Videos”

By October 19, 2016The Wikli Dose

In today’s start-up ecosystem, each entrepreneur is attempting to showcase his products in the clearest possible ways. Among the different solutions, one appears to play a somewhat primary role: explainer videos.

A startup without an explainer video is like an iPhone without a keynote.

We’ve selected for you 5 explainer videos that deliver the message uniquely, effectively and with style.



Slack // work, simplified

The change of colors says it all!


Sexy CSR by PornHub

The Safegate Effect

Stunning Design!

Soa Aids Nederland | Be Sexy, Be Smart

Explainer Videos are as efficient for NGO’s!

The Toms Story

The beautiful story of how making shoes contributed to make a better world.


Hope you’ve enjoyed the examples above. In this day and age, information literally travels at the speed of light. Next time you think of promoting your new business, your product or raising awareness about a particular problem… Think about creating a short, uniquely tailored video that gets the message across just like it should!

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