The Wikli Dose / Week 10: “80’s Style”

By October 12, 2016The Wikli Dose

For those of you who survived the 80’s! Fast cars and neon lights! Comodore 64 and Atari! A new era was born… The 5 selected videos will awaken your nostalgic senses. Whether through the music, the graphics, the clothes or the colors, the Retro is strong in those ones!

Check them out and enjoy!
PS: Some content is mature


“La Vraie Vie Des Profs” Title Sequence

Colorful mix of live footage and pixel art animation! Enjoy this highly creative title sequence!


A drive in your neon car.

Fox Retro

A unique and cool way to present your channel’s program.

She’s Electric

Indulge in the world of electro-fashion and high heels!


One of the wackiest commercials we’ve seen! It probably involves everything you can think about! Including Zombies…


Hope you enjoyed this voyage into the past as much as we do!

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