The wikli dose / Week 08: “Spread the Love!”

By September 28, 2016The Wikli Dose

AHH LOVE!! It unexpectedly hits you right in the stomach, lifts you up high in the sky and throws you right back without a safety net! Good luck for the landing ­čÖé

It’s something most of us have experienced and definitely something all of us have yearned for!

Even though┬áthe love sequence from “UP” has a very VERY┬ádear place in our hearts as animators and storytellers, we’ve managed to select 5 less┬ápopular shorts and animated videos that describe LOVE in their own unique way! Enjoy and don’t forget to spread the LOVE as far as you can!


Chipotle┬á“A┬álove story”

This might be a commercial, but it’s told so beautifully it would be a crime not to include it in the list! Enjoy!

A Modern Love Story

Using sleek minimalist design, this┬ádeeply touching animation tells the tale of two young lovers separated by war. Watch until the end ­čÖé


A man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do!


Energetic! Vibrant! Colorful! This little short will electrify you…

Let’s Go

The road always becomes an adventure with the right companion!


We hope you enjoyed this cool selection of animated LOVE!

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