The wikli dose / Week 07: “Are You Hungry ?”

By September 21, 2016The Wikli Dose

If this won’t make your tummy gurgle and your mouth water, I don’t know what will.
Click on the link to watch a selection of 5 very cool animated commercials of food products (Oreo, Cadbury, Walls and more…)
Some fun! Others elegant & smooth! In the end, it’s all about what rocks your boat!


It’s love your way

Nothing says love more than the combination of the sweet cherry with the bitter yogurt.
The realism on this one will leave you breathless! Enjoy the making off as well!

Magnum temptation/art

The sensuality of a magnum ice cream!

Cadbury Oreo

A happy love story between two of the biggest stars of the chocolate world. When Cadbury meets Oreo!

Fruittare – Knock Knock

Who’s there?

Food Network – Hamburger Birth

Where did that burger come from?


All produced using cool cutting edge animation techniques (CGI & Stop motion), these videos show how crucial technology and visualization have become to the food industry. Whether fun little animation or mouthwatering shots, nothing cannot be created anymore!

Share our page and follow us! Next week we tackle the subject of  ?Love? through sweet little animations!

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