The wikli dose / Week 06: “Medical Animation”

By September 14, 2016The Wikli Dose

Are you a science fan? Or a medical student?

In this week’s selection, we have for you 5 animated videos that show the different ways the medical community can benefit from animation trends and visualization technology!

Check out the 5 videos below and tag your medical friends!

Whether for the direct consumer or for the medical community, animation is becoming an extremely important means of communicating medical information. With the advancements in technology, we can now visualize the smallest of organisms work in crisp 3 dimensional renderings. Highly detailed 3D models even serve as platforms for surgeons to train and learn.

Here at Caustik Studios, we are big fans of science, and serving the medical community with high end visuals would be something we would love to bring to life.

We’ve selected some of the different types of animation that serve the medical community as well as every one of you; whether through high end 3D, or explainer videos that provide the right information to your doorstep (so to speak).


HIV Updated

Through beautiful design, this little animation provides us with a little history, but most importantly awareness on the subject of HIV and its treatments.

How the Hepatitis C virus infects the liver

More on the technical side, this video allows us to travel through the body and understand the effects of the virus with an extra dimension.


A trip inside the body to learn about the purpose of white blood cells and how they defend our body against threats.

How the heart works

Learning has never been so easy!

Be Sexy, Be Smart

Let’s wrap it up with another awareness piece produced using beautiful 2D animation.


Although not as “fun” as our past posts, it’s interesting to know the impact animation and visual content in general has on education (whether medical or other). Patients can learn more about their procedures, students can be backed up by great visuals that their big books are missing and geeks can have a good time learning about their favorite subject!

We hope we’ve helped you learn something new this week!

We will see you next week with another selection of awesome content!

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